About Us

Welcome to Upcycled Around Town – Your Destination for Innovative Upcycling

In 2012, a group of friends, bonded by a shared childhood experience of living in homes where upcycling was a way of life, founded Upcycled Around Town. Although we didn’t know it by name then, upcycling was a core part of our upbringing. As we grew, so did our passion for this sustainable practice.

Our Journey

We have always been avid proponents of upcycling, seeing the immense potential in repurposing and transforming items that others might overlook. Over the years, we noticed an increasing trend of upcycled products being sold online. However, we couldn’t find a marketplace that resonated with our vision – a place dedicated to showcasing not just any upcycled items, but truly innovative and interesting ones.

The Birth of an Idea

That’s when the idea for Upcycled Around Town was born. We envisioned a platform where creativity meets sustainability – a unique marketplace that brings together the most inventive upcycled products from around the town and beyond. We aimed to create a space where upcyclers, artists, and eco-conscious consumers could connect, share, and discover the wonders of upcycling.

Our Mission

At Upcycled Around Town, we are more than just a marketplace. We are a community of like-minded individuals who believe in making a difference, one upcycled item at a time. Our mission is to promote upcycling not just as a practice but as a lifestyle – encouraging more people to see the value in what is often considered waste.

Join Our Upcycling Movement

We invite you to explore our carefully curated collection of upcycled goods – each with its own story and character. Whether you are an upcycling enthusiast, a curious explorer, or someone looking for that unique, eco-friendly addition to your life, Upcycled Around Town is here for you.